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Welcome to EC USA Labs Contracting Company!

EC USA LABS is contracting manufacturer company. We are producing nutritional supplement and cosmetics products like Cosmetics, Capsules, Tablets, Powder, Liquid, Energy Drink, and Protein Bar. We selected and partnership with the best Labs in US.

Our company is customized contracting manufacturing company for our client like MLM, Direct Sale Marketing and Private Label in Most Brand you see out there in Super Market Chains. We are contacting manufacturer means we can do better than you go direct to factory, because we can shop the cheaper for you and get raw material at discount price. We are carefully selecting American Laboratories to work with many years experience testing for your product.

Your customize formulation product and all our eNergyCure USA’ brand plus our other brand products designed, quality control check, inspected with appropriated certificate of analysis, and packaged 100% made in USA. Our product quality is superior and better quality.

Our facility also registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration. We also assist getting you an Export and Free Sale Certification. All of our factories have certificate under current Good Manufacturer Practice (cGMP).


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.