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eNergyCure© USA LOGO also known as EC USA©

Our company wants to make it clears that the logo is NOT a BUDDHA SYMBOL, BUDDHA HEAD, BUDDHA SCULPTOR or any types of religion. We are using this logo because it represents for the logo company so simple for NO one can copy and prevent it from claiming to use our brand logo in the near future.

eNergyCure© USA LOGO has identities as follows:

1. Logo

* eNergyCure© USA LOGO has round shape circle like moon. Inner circle has eNergyCure Copyright USA name with curve style letter combine with RED, WHITE, and BLUE color. These colors are representing from American Flag because it originate brands and products from The United State of America. Back ground has solid light green and little bit purple. These two colors representing me meaning I came to The United State of America as refugee and seeking for a better life to live peace and harmony in the land of opportunity.

* Below is an English script read eNergyCure© USA, there is a sculptor symbol master piece appear inside the circle and round circle is solid color line in Blue. The Sculptor is representing Jayavarman VII, The Sculptor is symbol of the Khmer King and he was not a Buddha. He ruled and reined the Khmer Empire between the years of 1125 to the year of 1215. It is now called Angkor Wat and located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

2. Logo Symbol

* Mythological grey color of the sculptor portrait: Representing Elegant Neutral stability; Public and Private Capacity.

* The sculptor portrait face more to the right forward: Representing work development activities to adapt with our changing world and full compliance with the national and international laws; the face of the sculptor neither smile nor sad, but firm emotional negotiating. It is represent to be tough and strong when dealing business in economic world;

* The blue color inner circle letter “A” and “CURE” color meaning for fidelity, happiness, wisdom, faith, peace, patience, and loyalty: Representing respect for the law, honesty, economic development and social welfare;

* The red color inner circle letter “U” and “ENERGY” color meaning: Red is power, joy, happiness, prosperity, and luck in business. Representing strong relationship in both inside and outside of the country in work knowledge development to generate benefit to all mankind.

* The white color inner circle letter “S” color meaning: White is purity, kindness, and a fresh beginning. An honest to do business with and bond to work with many businesses.

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