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Our products are freshly making from start to finish. We are preferring to offer our product from scratch to perfect your need to serve your customers need. Also our clients can purchase product that already made or customize from scratch make for their own companies. For more than 28 years, we strive to help many successful companies like multilevel marketing  and direct sale marketing companies around the world. 98% of our products are exporting to overseas. You hardly find in USA.

Should you have any questions in regards to our products or want us to customize your product needs to fit your company profile, please contact Mr. Lenny You at or

These products had been formulated and designed for MLM, DSM, and PL (private label) for around the world that we offered in the passed and still serving them at this present time, please see below name:

Supplement Products:

  1. Acai Cleanse
  2. Acai Slim
  3. Acai Berry Organic HOT SALE!
  4. African Mango
  5. Biotin Pure
  6. Brain Formula
  7. Chaga Mushroom Pure
  8. Cordyceps Pure
  9. CoQ10 Ubiquinone
  10. eNergy Healthy Coffee HOT SALE!
  11. eNergy One-A-Day HOT SALE!
  12. Eye Formula
  13. Garcinia Cambogia- have different strength HOT SALE!
  14. Green Coffee Extract
  15. Hair Skin Nail
  16. Health Enhance- for unisex HOT SALE!
  17. Joint Collagen Care HOT SALE!
  18. Joint Complex HOT SALE!
  19. Maiitake Mushroom Pure
  20. Men Complete Vitamin
  21. Moringa Pure HOT SALE!
  22. MUSUPOW-13 ( 13 different kinds of mushrooms)
  23. Phytoceramide
  24. Probiotic 40 Billion
  25. RED Lingzhi Mushroom Pure
  26. Reishi Mushroom Pure-Turkey Tail
  27. Shiitake Mushroom Pure
  28. Super Raspberry Ketone Pure
  29. Tumeric Pure
  30. Vitamin 5,000 IU D3
  31. Women Complete Vitamin
  32. Women Enhance HOT Sale!

Cosmetic Products:

  1. Anti-Aging Cream HOT SALE!
  2. Anti-Anxiety Formula
  3. Brightening Eye HOT SALE!
  4. Dark & Spot Cream
  5. Facial Firm Cream HOT SALE!
  6. Men GEL- For Men Only
  7. Stretch Mark & Wrinkle Cream
  8. Women GEL- For Women Only

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